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Andrej Belovežčík comes from Mlynárovce and lives in Stropkov, Eastern Slovakia. He teaches informatics at the secondary grammar school and is devoted to photographing. He got familiar with the world of photography in the photo club of the elementary school in Cernin. His initial experience with the basics of photography turned into a serious hobby. It went without saying that he got his own camera and a photo chamber for developing black-and-white and colour photos using chemical processes. During his secondary school studies he made mainly family pictures. The first “more serious” photos were shot during his university studies; these were mainly documentary photos of his native land. A new impulse came with the appearance of digital photography. Simpler picture processing enabled him to work more intensively in the field. Andrej Belovežčík has been specifically mapping the lives of people under Dukla for over a decade. He has created his own internet archive and has published his works in the local and regional press. In the past period, he has won many awards in a number of photo contests in the field of both art and documentary photography. He considers the 3rd prize in the Nikon Photo Contest 2017 (“Open” category) and the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2017 Grand Prix to be his most important awards.

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2017 - Grand Prix

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2017 - Šport

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2017 - Každodenný život

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