Damian Lemański (PL)

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Damian Lemański aka Damian Wolf Wagabunda is a Polish-based photographer & filmmaker interested in documenting life around him. In 2008 Damian finished the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw – a school of Izabela Jaroszewska PhD. He has participated in a workshop led by Michael Ackerman, Lorenzo Castore, Tomasz Tomaszewski. From November 2011 until May 2012 Damian traveled across South America. From this solitary expedition he made a film „181“. In October 2015 Damian longed for the dust of the road and went on another journey. This time Wagabunda took his bicycle and cycled from Poland to Senegal. During this trip, together with the Foundation „Hearing Africa“, he was collecting money for the education of deaf girl, Makane Dieng. From this expedition Damian is editing a film „Restaurant“ which should be released in Autumn 2017. In recent times he left his heart in Lunik 9, a Roma settlement in Slovakian Košice, among the children living there. To not die from time to time he is visiting this place. Everyday he tries to love.
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2017 - Stredoeurópska fotografia

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