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Photo exhibition by Soňa Maletzová

On Wednesday31 January 2018, we opened the exhibition Sunday by Soňa Maletzová in the Gallery of the SLOVAK PRESSS PHOTO Foundation at Zichy Palace, Bratislava.

Soňa Maletzová won the Young Talent of the Year 2017prize and the 1st prizes in the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2017 contest in the categories Portrait (singles) and Students and Young Photographers up to 26 Years (series).

The Sunday series is about the ageing of urban people, capturing the vivid world of pensioners who are ready to make good time by Sunday dancing. In spite of express prohibition, they bring to the dance hall their own food and alcohol and take out the best pieces from their wardrobes. They thus return to the times of their youth and awaken a kind of an inner rebellion against the expectations of society, against the general idea about how a “normal pensioner” should behave like. However, these at the first sight joyful dancing Sundays are marked by feelings of loneliness and nostalgia for times long past and for people who are no longer among us. The other part of the exhibition presents a selection of Soňa´s newer pictures.

Soňa Maletzová has recently completed her documentary film studies at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. Her student graduation film is a portrait of the recently deceased musician Marián Varga. Together with a small film crew she observed his steps for over two years. Though initially fascinated by street photography, she currently focuses more on documentary photography and film.

The exhibition opening was accompanied by the screening of Soňa´s documentary film Varga.

The exhibition is on view till 2 March 2018. The gallery is open to public on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 13.00 to 16.30 o´clock.

Invitation: Sonya_Maletz

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