01 February – 02 March 2018


Winner of the Young Talent of the Year 2017 prize
Soňa Maletzová won the prestigious prize that the jury awards to Slovak photographers – students up to 25 years whose work attracts the jury's attention, taking into account the student's previous works and the potential to set up a solo exhibition. The Sunday series is about the ageing of urban people, capturing the vivid world of pensioners who make good time by Sunday dancing.

 14 March –  20 April 2018

MAŇO ŠTRAUCH – Faces of Life

Maňo Štrauch is the author of exquisite portraits, but he also excels in other photographic genres. He is a multiple SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO winner. The series Faces of Life shows portraits of people who survived the Holocaust. Persecutions, concentration camps, killing of entire families, loss of the closest ones: all this affected their lives, but they preserved the yearning to live. The portraits were shot in the Ohel David social facility for senior people of the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia.

 26 April – 18 May 2018


The exhibition presents the author's original view of European countries. He focuses on those subtle bizarre things which distort our ideas about ourselves and about the world around us. As he notes, “today, after almost thirty years, we are part of this great Europe and feel at home here. Just get in the car and go. However, just like Austrians were afraid of us at that time, we are now afraid of newcomers. And we call for new borders, for iron curtains to close ourselves against the foreign danger threatening us, Europeans.”
Boris Németh is a documentary photographer working for .týždeň.sk magazine, a university teacher and the holder of many photographic awards. He is a multiple SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO winner.

29 May – 20 June 2018

JOE KLAMAR – Selected Works

The exhibition presents an overview of more than ten years' professional work of Joe Klamar, AFP photo-reporter. His pictures capture contemporary events all over the world, cultural events, the life of celebrities and other prominent personalities, sports events including the Olympics, as well as nature scenes.

29 June – 30 August 2018

JINDŘICH ŠTREIT (CZ), VLADIMÍR BIRGUS (CZ), PETER PROCHÁZKA (SK), JURAJ BARTOŠ (SK) 1968 and Its Aftermath through the Lens of Czech and Slovak Photographers

Picture testimony on the daily reality and life of the Czechoslovak society affected by the historic events in 1968 and subsequent normalisation period through the photos of four renowned Czech and Slovak photographers from the older photographic generation. The exhibition is organised on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact troops' invasion in 1968.

04 October – 10 November 2018


Paul Martinka is an award-winning photojournalist. Over his 23-year career, he has covered everything from breaking news and sports to celebrities and corporate events. Entirely self-taught, he picked up his camera at age 23, and has not put it down ever since. He has been a regular contributor to the New York Post, Splash News, Polaris Images and Corbis Images since 2001. He comes from Czechoslovakia, lives in New York.

15 November – 31 December 2018


Katarína graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She has been devoted to arts since her childhood. After a period of drawing and graphical design, she concentrated on photography, covering long-term topics, mainly social documents. She focuses on people with special stories. Under the curatorship of Lucia Benická and Ivana Pástorová, she exhibited her pictures at the exhibition “Moments: New Names in Contemporary Documentary Photography” in the House of Photography Gallery in Liptovský Mikuláš and in the Municipal Gallery of Rimavská Sobota (2014/2015).

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