Dobrá voda - Miro Miklas

17. May – 23. june 2022


Experience the sensitive approach applied by Miro Miklas in his series of documentary photographs with social themes, meant to capture the images of quickly and irretrievably vanishing Slovak villages. The photographer invested a lot of time to relations with the locals and is able to gently and naturally find his way to the inhabitants of a small half-forgotten Carpathian village called Dobrá Voda. To document their changing work, leisure time activities and traditional rituals. Miro saves a precious heritage which can clarify to our successors and us where our roots are, how used to be and how we used to live.

Arctic - New Frontier: Kadir Van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev

30 AUGUST 2022 – 21 SEPTEMBER 2022


The exhibition of photographs by members of the international jury of SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2022, Kadir van Lohuizen (Netherlands, jury chairman, NOOR), and his colleague Yuri Kozyrev (Russia, jury member, NOOR) is dedicated to the impacts of climate changes and the rising sea level on the humankind.


EXHIBITION OPENING: 30 AUGUST 2022 AT 6 P.M. Vajanského nábrežie, Danube riverbank next to the Propeler, opposite the Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava.


DEBATE WITH THE AUTHORS: 30 AUGUST 2022 AT 6:30 P.M. MODERATED BY: SILVESTER LAVRÍK Vajanského nábrežie, Danube riverbank next to the Propeler, opposite the Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava. EXHIBITION CURATOR: JANA HOJSTRIČOVÁ ARCHITECT: Ing. Arch. MAREK NÉMETH OPENING HOURS: OUTDOOR EXHIBITION. OPEN 24/7

Bratislava na sútoku dvoch riek - Peter Korček

13. september 2022 – 6. november 2022


In this documentary photographic project, I explore the Danube and Morava rivers as inseparable parts of Bratislava and its surroundings. Their condition is a direct reflection of long-term human activity and the climate changes we are all witnessing: last year's floods and this year's extremely dry summer. Many are building their temporary or more permanent homes on the banks and their lives are closely linked to the rivers. The two rivers also form Slovakia's natural border with Austria and the Czech Republic. Not so long ago, the banks of these rivers were lined by an 'Iron Curtain' that separated us from the civilised Western world for many decades. The traces of communist terror are slowly and quietly growing into the landscape.

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