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You can also help us by making a direct contribution, an amount you deem appropriate to keep our gallery running. We run our exhibitions and activities from our private funds and thanks to the help of our supporters.

Dear supporters, dear friends, photographers and photographers, the deadline is approaching when you can decide whether part of your taxes will go to the state budget or support the work of non-profit organizations. SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation is asking for your help again this year in the form of a donation of a percentage of the income tax for 2023.

About the foundation SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO

The Foundation was established on 16 November 2015 to support the creators of Slovak image journalism, especially young photographers, photojournalists and video creators, students of schools focused on image journalism, documentary and photographic production, as well as those interested in this field of all ages.
Our aim is to support and organize exhibitions, competitions, workshops, lectures and educational courses, to support the publication of professional and pictorial publications, photographic production, production of shows and films for web and television related to image journalism and documentary and photographic production, as well as to disseminate information about Slovak image journalism and Slovak filmmakers abroad.
Since 2016, the Foundation has had premises in the Old Town Centre of Culture and Education at Ventúrská 9 in Bratislava, which serve the needs of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation Gallery. Since 2016, a number of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and educational courses have been successfully realized in these premises.

Our previous activities

Support and assistance in the organization of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO competition and exhibition of photo journalism,


Preparation and realization of exhibitions of Slovak photographers, e.g. Boris Németh, Tomáš Benedikovič, Jozef Ondzík, Maňa Štrauch, Sonia Maletz , Jindřich Štreit, Matúš Zajac, Andrej Balec, Miro Miklas, Petr Korček, Matej Kalina,


Preparation and realization of exhibitions of leading foreign photographers in the Foundation's gallery, e.g. NOOR Agency exhibition (2017), exhibition of Stanley Green (2017), Joe Klamar (2018), Kadir von Lohuizen (2019), Jinřich Štreit (2019), Paul Martinka (2019)Kadir van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev, Maciej Nabrdalik( 2021),Kadir van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev (2022) and others,


Organizing exhibitions of leading international photographers such as Alexander Chekmenev -Donbass , Stanley Green's exhibition - Journey to the Edge of the Russian Empire, Francesco Zizola - An Unworthy Gaze, Nina Berman - Power and Myth - America,


Organization of a workshop for photojournalists with world and Slovak photographers - Stanley Green (USA), Jindřich Štreit (Czech Republic), Kadir van Lohuizen (Netherlands), Nina Berman (USA), Maral Deghati (France/Iran), Maciek Nabrdalik from Agency VII (PL) and others.


The international project Visualizing the Climate Crisis for the V4 countries from 2022 onwards continued in 2023 with a final meeting and resulted in an exhibition that was held in Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw in 2023 (2024)

Upcoming activities planned in 2024

this year we plan to organize several exhibitions of Slovak photographers and students, as well as foreign photographers; workshops, lectures and meetings with the creators of photo journalism in the premises of the Gallery of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation;


a several-day workshop for senior photographers;


a camp for primary school children in July/young photographers and photojournalists;


workshops for Slovak photojournalists and students with a foreign photojournalist and editor;


workshop for filmmakers and photographers with a lecturer from abroad;


other events and exhibitions organized in the framework of support and assistance in organizing the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2024 competition, etc.


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