About the contest

SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO is a contest and a subsequent photo exhibition presenting an independent and authentic visual testimony of life, as seen by journalists from Slovakia and Eastern Europe. The aim of the contest and of the exhibition is to allow the public to become the eye-witness of past year's events and phenomena.

The aim of the competition is to raise the level of Slovak visual journalism as an important communication medium and visual art; to support, promote and motivate photojournalists in Slovakia; to create a platform for the confrontation of works of Slovak authors and authors from nearby countries; and to support the work of young photographers and students.

SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO and the Capital City of the Slovak Republic Bratislava invite photographers and  journalists  from the Slovak Republic and nearby countries to participate in the 9th edition of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO contest, organised under the auspices of Ms. Zuzana Čaputová, President of the Slovak Republic, Ms. Natália Milanová, Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Matúš Vallo, Mayor of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic Bratislava and Ms. Zuzana Aufrichtová, Mayor of Bratislava - Old Town.