About us

The intention of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO project is to present independent and authentic testimony about life and events in society through visual art - photography - as seen by photojournalists from Slovakia and Eastern Europe who have submitted their work to the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO competition. This competition is followed by an exhibition and project activities of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation. The aim of the presented project is the realization of non-commercial activities and events aimed at education; spreading awareness of domestic and international photographic work; networking of professional and non-professional photographers as well as students of photography, marketing communication and journalism; expanding the audience among the professional and lay public. The actors of the project activities are the finalists and winners of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO competition categories, as well as Slovak and foreign authors with their own activities. The main project activities consist of organising author exhibitions, workshops, discussions and events focused on education. With regard to environmental protection and our interest in the inclusion of the widest possible audience in project activities, our ambition is to implement as many project activities as possible outdoors - in public space, or in online/hybrid space (virtual tour of exhibitions, organization of online workshops, etc.).

The SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation was established in 2015 to support Slovak image journalism and the work of young photographers, photojournalists, videographers, students of schools focused on image journalism, documentary and photographic production. Its main activity is to support and organize exhibitions, competitions and festivals, cultural and social events, workshops, lectures and educational courses, as well as to support the publication of professional and visual publications, the production of shows and films for the web and television. The aim of its activities is also cooperation with schools, popularization of photography as an artistic activity among the professional and lay public, spreading awareness and information about Slovak photo journalism and about Slovak creators abroad and foreign creators in Slovakia. Part of the Foundation's activities is the operation of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Gallery, Zichy Palace - Ventúrska 9, Bratislava. Since its establishment, the Foundation has organised more than 30 solo exhibitions of renowned Slovak and foreign photographers, which have had significant promotion, media coverage and attendance. The Foundation has also organized several dozen workshops and discussions on photography and photographic creation, as well as on various social issues such as environmental protection and climate change.


Every year the Foundation co-organizes a competition and a follow-up exhibition of journalistic photography with Slovak and international overlap SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO. Its aim is to capture and transmit to the professional and general public the events of the last year as captured by the authors in the individual competition categories (current affairs, everyday life, art world, sports, etc.). Young people and students are also given space, and the Talent of the Year is also announced each year. One of the competition categories is the Bratislava Grant, thanks to which the winner receives financial support and the opportunity to organise an exhibition of photographs documenting the transformation of Bratislava.

Foundation Director:
Jana Garvoldtová


Foundation Board of Management:
Zora Szomolányiová, Martin Franc, Patrik Zeman


Artistic Board:
Peter Zentko


Štefan Šramko


Founder of the Foundation:
spoločnosť SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, s. r. o.


You can find us in Zichy Palace on Ventúrská 9 in Bratislava.


Postal address:
Björnsonova 16
811 05 Bratislava
IČO: 50057651

Personal contact:
Kancelária a Galéria Nadácie SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO
Zichyho palác, 2. posch.
Ventúrska 9
811 01 Bratislava

OPENING Hours for the public:
utorok: 13,00h - 17,00h
streda: 13,00h - 17,00h
štvrtok: 13,00h - 18,00h

every first and last Saturday of the month:
13,00h - 18,00h