Who can apply?

Press photographers, young photographers in the photography beginners and studies younger than 26-year-old are eligible for the contest.

The categories News, Reportage, Portrait, Sports, Environment and Nature, and Art and Culture are open for photographers with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic
Photographers living in Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine can register for categories Daily Life and Long-Term Document. The category Mobile Phone Photography has not been included this year.

Students and Young Photographers up to 26 Years is intended for students and photographers recently introduced to the photography business from Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Ukraine provided they are younger than 26-year-old.

The period when works registered for the contest were produced should be 10 August 2021 - 21 August 2021, except for the Long-Term Document, where the minimum period of three (previous consecutive) years applies, with at least one photo from the series taken in the course of the previous year, i.e., after 01 September 2021.

The works will be admitted upon the delivery of a filled-in and signed registration form and a document proving the payment of the administrative fee. Full-time students are not required to pay the registration fee, provided that they specify in the registration form the school they attend.

Register for the competition:

Photographers and photographs can be registered at

To register for the contest, you need to complete an electronic registration form at the website. The participants of the competition will fill in all data required in the registration form. By providing their data, they agree with the rules and conditions of the contest, with the processing of their personal data. Online registration will generate an application number to be used with all photographs submitted for the competition.


Registration process:

  • Creation of a new registration form
  • Completion and submission of the registration form
  • Payment of registration fee

Creation of a new registration form

If you have not registered via the registration form for the 2022 contest, click on the icon “Apply for Contest”. Put your Name, Surname, phone number, email address and password.

Your phone number and email address help us contact you, the password serves to log to your registration account later, if you complete it in several steps, or wish to correct data.

After you click on “Apply for Contest”, your previously saved electronic registration form pops up. Fill it in and submit it.

There is  the number of your registration form in its top part.

You will need this number and your registration password when you re-open your registration form.


Open your registration form

If you have already created your registration form (according to (1) above), you can re-open the form when you „Log in“ to the registration form at Use the number of your registration form and the password.

Personal data in your registration form

Fill in all fields of the registration form.

Additional information in your registration form

Fill in all fields of the registration form. Upload your profile photo here.

Section „Photos“ of the registration form

Upload your photos for the contest. Upload them to their respective categories as singles or series of photographs.


Upload your photos for the contest in JPG/JPEG format with the highest possible compression quality, minimum resolution 2000 pixels (shorter side of the image) and 3000 pixels (longer side) (adobe RGB, sRGB.


Description and captions - series

If you upload a photographic series, describe the series as such, and each photo separately.

Required description for each photo:

(*) Name in Slovak

(*) Name in English

(*) Description in Slovak

(*)Description in English

The name of series briefly describes the events portrayed by the series. It defines the context, why the series is exceptional, specifies the circumstances which influenced its creation. The description states if the photographer adjusted the scene and instructed the person on the photo.

Specify these general data for all series because any specific information and events can be stated under separate photos.

All provided information should be verifiable.



Descriptions and authorship

Pictures must not show the name of the photographer, agency or any other data revealing the author’s identity (these details can be included in the metadata of the pictures, but must not be visible on the picture itself).

All pictures must have accurate and true captions, written in Slovak and English.

The captions must not be misleading and must answer the basic questions of good journalism.

Required description for each photo:

(*) Name in Slovak

(*) Name in English

(*) Description (caption) in Slovak

(*) Description (caption) in English

(*) Date when the photograph was taken

The name of a photo briefly describes the portrayed events. It defines the context, why the series is exceptional, specifies the circumstances which influenced its creation. The description states if the photographer adjusted the scene and instructed the person on the photo.

All information must be traceable and verifiable.


Picture adjustments

Adjustment of colour or conversion of pictures to greyscale will only be accepted if no changes are made to the original image. The conversion of colour pictures to black-and white that does not alter content is permitted in the following cases:

  • Changes in colour may not result in significant changes in hue to such an extent that the processed colours diverge from the original colours;
  • Changes in density, contrast, colour and/or saturation levels may not significantly alter content.

The content of a picture must not be altered by adding, rearranging, reversing, distorting or removing people and/or objects from within the frame. The following exceptions are admissible:

  • Cropping that removes extraneous details;
  • Removing sensor dust or scratches on scans of negatives.

Multiple exposures, panoramas composed of several images, the adding or removal of people and objects to/from photographs are not accepted. The pictures admitted to the contest must be made with single exposure.

Pictures made by a mobile phone can be submitted in the Mobile Phone Photography category only.
In the case of doubts, the jury may request the author to provide the original image or the image produced before or after it.

Participants must provide to the Contest Organiser the originally recorded camera file(s) for all images that proceed to the final stages of the contest for detailed examination. Failure to provide these files when requested will lead to the exclusion of the photo.

Pictures must be uploaded by categories, in line with the set criteria.
The participants can submit a maximum of 9 works, i.e., singles and/or series, but not more than 2 works per category. For foreign participants in 4 selected categories, a maximum of 2 works per selected category – that means a maximum of 8 works total.

One series consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum 9 pictures, except for the Long-Term Document category which must consist of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 pictures.
One picture can only be entered once – either as a single or as part of a series.

Pictures can be uploaded by categories as:

Single photographs – each image must have a title and a short description;
Series (3 to 9 photographs, or 12 to 18 photographs for the Long-Term Document category) – each series must have a title and a short description, and the images in each series must be labelled with a number within the series.


Complete your registration

Once the data are uploaded, the applicant is required to check all uploaded information and submit the registration form. After the submission, no more changes can be made to the registration and the photographs.

The authors whose works were excluded from the contest due to the breach of the contest rules in the past (including 2021) shall not be allowed to submit their works during the next three years.

By filling in the registration form, the applicant declares that the submitted work is his/her exclusive work or the work of several authors listed in the registration form and that the author has the right to give consent to use it as a work entered in the contest in accordance with the rules of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO contest.

By filling in the registration form, the author also provides the Contest Organiser an exclusive unlimited licence unlimited in terms of time and space and consent to the use of the work for the purposes of the contest and subsequent exhibition(s) organised by the Contest Organiser and for the provision of works to other entities for the purposes of exhibitions related to SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO with no changes and for further processing.


Registration form and registration fee

The registration form is submitted by clicking on “Submit“ and by paying the registration fee.

The registration fee of EUR 23 must be paid by 21. 8. 2022 and the payment confirmation should be attached to the electronic registration form.

Full-time students are not required to pay the registration fee, provided that they specify in the registration form the school they attend.

Deadline for applications

The deadline to apply is 21 8. 2022 until 23:59. After this date, the registration system will be closed.

How will my photographs be judged?

Each photograph entered in a particular category as a single photograph will be judged as a piece of work with its specific aesthetic and informative qualities. Each series will be judged as an aesthetic and informative piece of work in its entirety, as edited by the author. In exceptional cases and upon mutual agreement, the jury has the right to choose a photograph from a series and award it as a single, but only in case the original series has not been awarded.
The photographs will be judged anonymously. The photographs must not be labelled in a visible place with the name of the author and of the medium or agency for which they were produced.
The photographs will be judged by a 5-member international jury appointed by the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Contest Organiser. The jury will judge the journalistic qualities of photographs (informativeness, readiness, topicality) and their aesthetic value. The photographs will be presented to the jury in electronic format by contest categories.
In each category, the jury will choose a maximum of four nominees from among singles and series and will appoint the winners. The jury has the right not to nominate any of the works in a category and not to appoint a winner.


Contest results and presentation of winning works

The main prize GRAND PRIX will be announced at the press conference after the jury meeting. The nominees will be announced at the latest one week before the awards ceremony. The final results with the names of the winners of SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2022 will be announced at the awards ceremony in the Mirror Hall of the Primate's Palace in Bratislava on 21. 9. 2022. The awarded works will be presented at the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2022 photography exhibition in a public space on “Hviezdoslavovo námestie” squre from 21. 9. 2022 to 31. 10. 2022.

Winning works

The author grants to the Organiser the right to convert, in the case of being awarded a prize, the electronic version of submitted photographs into a printed format. The Organiser shall print the images without any adjustments, on standard photo-paper and in a format meeting the exhibition needs.


Personal data protection

By submitting the electronic registration form for the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2022 contest you grant your consent to have your personal data processed by the Organizer - SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, s.r.o. – to run the contest and present the winning works by the Organizer.


pursuant to Clause 13 of the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC(hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”)

Controller’s Data:

SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, s. r. o., registered seat: Bjömsonova 16, 811 05 Bratislava, Company ID: 36 844 748, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava l., Section: Sro, Entry: 48302,43 (hereinafter referred to as the “Controller”)

Contact Data - SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, s.r.o.:

Email any questions about personal data processing, objections thereto, enforcement of rights of the data subject to or send them to the Data Controller’s address: SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, s. r. o., Bjömsonova 16, 811 05 Bratislava.

Rights of Data Subjects:

By providing your data to the Controller you acquire the status of a data subject under Section III of the Regulation, especially

  • right to access your personal data,
  • right to correct your personal data – the Controller will correct (based on request submitted by the data subject (you) or upon Controller’s discretion) any incorrect personal data related to you, without undue delay
  • right to have your personal data deleted, the Controller will without undue delay delete your personal data, provided that at least one of the below occurs:
  • the purposes the personal data were collected for or processed for ceased to exist,
  • the data subject revokes the consent to have her/his data processed, and there is not another legal basis to have such data processed,
  • personal data processing is illegal,
  • personal data must be deleted to comply with the legal duty under the law of the European Union or its member state, depending on the jurisdiction applicable to the event organizer.
  • right to restrict your personal data processing, if
  • the data subject does not consider personal data correct and accurate during the period of time when the Controller can verify their accuracy,
  • data processing is illegal, the Controller is not willing to delete personal data and requires to have their application restricted, instead,
  • Data Controller no longer needs personal data for processing, but the data subject needs them to demonstrate, enforce or defend legal rights.
  • right to transfer your personal data,
  • right to object to your personal data processing (data profiling included) and
  • the right to be excluded from fully automated decision-making (data profiling included).

Under Clause 77 of the Regulation, a Data Subject is entitled to file a complaint with the Supervisor, Slovak Institute for Personal Data Protection, Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27.

Data Subjects can exercise their rights above under conditions established by the Regulation.

The Data Controller must always uphold a legitimate request when technically feasible.

Purpose and legal background of personal data processing:

Personal data provided by the participants of the contest organized by the Data Controller are processed to:

  • fulfil contractual obligations under Clause (1) b) of the Regulation. Their personal data are processed before concluding the contract and for the duration of the contract,
  • register the participants of the contest (Clause VI. (1) b) of the Regulation),
  • to comply with legal duties of the Data Controller as defined by the institutions, authorities and other bodies or companies (Clause VI. (1) c) of the Regulation), mainly arising from:
  • Act 563/2009 Coll. on Taxes (Tax Act) and on amendments and supplements to certain acts, as amended,
  • Act 595/2003 Coll. on Income Tax as amended,
  • Act 395/2002 Coll. on Archiving, Registration and on amendments and supplements to certain acts, as amended,
  • Act 431/2002 Coll. on Accounting as amended,
  • send newsletter (Clause VI. (1) a) of the Regulation),
  • to promote competitions organized by the Data Controller and to publish their results – personal data of the participant will be disclosed in mass media and on Data Controller’s webpage (applicable to the meta-data of photos, too).

Data Retention:

Your personal data will be kept depending on the purpose they are processed for:

Personal Data Processed for - Personal Data Retention Period

Contractual Rights and Duties - Personal data of selected participants and winners will be processed until there is the Slovak Press Photo foundation and its potential successors. Personal data of other participants will be eliminated immediately after the contest ends.

Registration of participants of the contest - 10 years

Accounting - 10 years

Newsletter -  Until the consent of the data subject is revoked.

Data Controller’s Legal Duties -  Period defined by the respective legal regulations.

Promotion of competitions and disclosure of results - Personal data will be disclosed on Data Control ler’s webpage according to the document registration rules and in mass media for their duration period.

Personal Data Disclosure:

Your personal data are neither disclosed nor provided to third parties unless required by a specific legal regulation or needed to fulfil the contractual duties.

The entities or groups detailed below («Data Processors») were appointed under Clause 28 of the Regulation to process your personal data:

  • SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, registered seat: Bjömsonova 16, 811 05 Bratislava, Company ID: 50057651, a foundation registered with the Ministry of Interior SR under  e.203/Na-2002/1124 on 16.11.2015
  • graphic designers, copywriters, programmers/web developers, PPC specialists, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists, accountants, other operators we cooperate with in our activities

Third Countries: The Data Controller does not intend to transfer your personal data to a third country or an international organization. Automated Decision Making and Profiling: The Data Controller does not apply automated decision making (profiling included) to process clients‘ personal data. If you reject to disclose your personal data to the Data Controller, the latex will not be able to prepare and conclude a contract with you and let you participate in the contest.

Bratislava, on 09.06.2022