Award ceremony and opening of the exhibition of 12th SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO competition

Dear friends,

we present to you the winners of SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2023 and at the same time we want to thank our partners. The Grand Prix award to Dorota Holubová was presented by Eva Pauliaková, director of the Association of Print and Digital Media. The Bratislava grant was won by Branislav Račko and the award was presented to him by Tatiana Kratochvílová, 1st Deputy Mayor of Bratislava. Young talent of the year Dorota Jedináková received a residency from HÁJOVŇA from Ján Viazanička. Ján Viazanička also presented an award from Dokument Magazín in the category Students and young photographers under 26 to František Javorský and for a series of photographs in this category to Dorota Jedináková. In the Current Affairs category, Michal Svitok, the head of the picture editor, presented the prize to the winner Dorota Holubová and the winner Branislav Raček for a series of photographs. For Ringier Slovakia Media s.r.o. Peter Porubsky presented the award to Zsolt Balázs, winner of the Nature and Environment category. Ringier Slovakia Media s.r.o. they also recognized the winner of the Reportage category, Matej Kalina. In the Everyday Life category, András Hajdú and Oleg Petrasiuk with a series of photographs won, prizes from Denník N, which were presented by Oliver Rehák, editor of Denník N. Martin Mikláš won the award from News and Media holding in the category Portrait - a series of photographs, and the award was presented to him by Rastislav Boldocký, deputy editor-in-chief of Plus 7 Dní. News and Media holding also honored Pavol Gašapar, the winner of the Sports category, and Marta Foldesová, the winner of the Long-Term Documentary category. Ondrej Podstupka, deputy editor-in-chief of Petit Press, presented the World of Art and Culture category prize to the winner Tomáš Hrivňák and Oliver Ondráš, the winner of a series of photographs in this category. Jana Garvoldtová awarded the winner Martin Domek in the category Sport photo series with a prize from SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO. We will reveal the winner of the Viewer's Award, from MB Panónska, soon! Thanks also go to ZUškola from Bánoviec nad Bebravou for the accompanying program and Juraj Kemka for moderation of our evening. Thank you once again to everyone for a wonderful festive evening and hearty congratulations to our finalists and winners this year.

We also invite you to visit our exhibition, which is available to the public free of charge on Hviezdoslav square until 31.10.202.