Opening of the Visualizing Climate Crisis exhibition

The exhibition was opened by the Dutch Ambassador, Gabriella Sancisi; the Executive Director of the Visegrad Fund, Petr Mareš; the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City, Jakub Mrva; the Vice-Mayor of the Old Town, Dana Kleinert; and the photographer, mentor and member of the NOOR agency, Kadir von Lohuizen.

Exhibiting authors:
Jana Hunterová, CZ
Tomek Stabinski, PL
Diana Takacsova, SK
Zsolt Balázs, HU
Rafal Siderski, PL
András Zoltai, HU
Judit Ruprech,HU
Tomáš Hrivňák, SK
Kinga Wrona, PL
Tomas Predajňa, SK
Márton Kállai, HU


Curator of the exhibition:

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. A delicate balance has broken down, triggering a series of chain events the scale of which is yet to be understood.
As we see the crisis intensifying, we must come to terms with the fact that the complexity of the matter itself underlines a very simple fact: change is the only way forward. Accepting, adapting and mitigating the events around us are our only chances to prosper in an uncertain future.

For these reasons, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the NOOR Foundation, the Slovak Press Photo Foundation, Czech Photo, PAP. pl and Herald Europe joined forces to create a dedicated space where photographers from Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) could meet, share and learn from each other.

The authors take us on a journey of discovery: from the restoration of wetlands on the Danube, one of the richest ecosystems in Europe, to forests in the Czech Republic that have been devastated by bark beetle in recent years due to lack of rain and increased temperatures, forcing us to reflect on the importance of healthy forests. We look at the consequences of the most intense drought in over a century in Hungary, while learning the stories of scientists whose experiments, among many other untold stories, help us understand how climate change is affecting our lives. The broad narrative threads of this exhibition weave a tapestry of human experience for us to see, learn from and act upon.

The exhibition is open until 31 July at the Vajanasky embankment.

The project was supported by the Visegrad Fund.