Exhibition: Paul Martinka – Selected Works

On Thursday, 04 October 2018, we opened the photo exhibition by Paul Martinka in the Gallery of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation in Bratislava.

 The selected works by Paul Martinka, Slovak-American photographer and photo-reporter of the New York Post, offers a picture of life in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC, from street festivals through protests to police and fire operations, as well as photos from concerts of popular musicians, or documentary pictures from the shooting of films with Hollywood stars.

Paul Martinka is an award-winning photojournalist. Over his 23-year-career, he has covered everything from breaking news and sports to celebrities and corporate events. Entirely self-taught, he picked up his camera at age 23, and has not put it down ever since. He has been a regular contributor to the New York Post, Splash News, Polaris Images and Corbis Images since 2001. He comes from Czechoslovakia, lives in New York.

Photo by: Jana Rajcová