You are kindly invited to the photo exhibition “Separated” by documentary photographerKatarína Bezáková in the Gallery of the SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO Foundation in Bratislava.

The exhibited photo series Separated represents the author’s personal social document, capturing the sensitive issue of her mother’s disease. The series covers five years of her mother suffering from the neurological disorder leukodystrophy, the progress of the disease, the author’s feelings and the feelings of her closest ones. “Putting aside a parent or any family member in a care home is a taboo that will have to be faced by society in the years to come. It will never be an easy decision, and there will always be questions whether it is possible at all to ensure a dignified life even in the best-quality nursing home,” said Katarína Bezáková about the exhibition.

Katarína Bezáková (1974) graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava where she studied German language combined with arts and crafts. From drawing and graphics she switched to intensive photographing a few years ago. Her main area of interest is social documents. She chooses topics that she covers from a long-term perspective. She focuses on people with a personal story and on topics related to their lives and surroundings. Under the curatorship of Lucia Benická and Ivana Lojan Pástorová, she exhibited her works together with other photographers at the show “Moments – New Names in Contemporary Documentary Photography” in the Gallery of the House of Arts in Liptovský Mikuláš and in the Municipal Gallery of Rimavská Sobota (2014/2015). She has been documenting the activities of the RED NOSE Clowndoctors civic organisation for several years, and collaborates with the DYNAMEET photo and graphic design company. She lives in Bratislava.

The exhibition is on view till December 31, 2018.

Photo by: Jana Rajcová